The smooth functioning of the College depends upon observation of discipline by the students. The College can help the students better when Rules of Discipline are observed properly. Violation of these rules deprives the students of the advantage of the different facilities provided by the College. The following are some important rules of discipline.

  1. Students must attend lectures, practicals, tutorials etc. as per the Time Table. They must not abstain themselves from classes, practicals, tutorials, examinations etc. without written permission of the all. A student whose attendance and/or progress in various tests and examinations is not satisfactory and who does not perform the required number of tutorials/or practicals is likely to lose their term. Students who do not submit compulsory projects and work in subject are likely to lose his/her term. Defaulters will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
  2. Employed students will not be given any concession in matters of attendance or rules regarding appearance at College Examinations. Suitable disciplinary action will be taken against such students. Employed students must give details of their employment on the admission form. They are expected to take admission after consulting the Principal in this regard.
  3. Learners who request leave of absence from lectures / practicals / tutorials for participating in sports, cultural, Avishkar’ research convention or any other activities on behalf of the college should submit the application countersigned by the respective teacher in charge.
  4. All decisions pertaining to grant of terms will be decided by an Attendance Committee duly constituted by the college.
  5. A learner who remains absent for the periodical tests / assignment/ examinations due to his/her illness shall be, required to submit the medical certificate, along with the application endorsed by parents.
  6. A learner who remains absent for three consecutive days is required to submit a leave application, duly signed by his/her parent/guardian.
  7. The Identity Card is meant for identifying bona fide students and is used for permitting the student to participant in various activities and programs of the College. Every student must wear the Identity Card as long as he/she is on the college campus. It must be produced by the student whenever demanded by a member of the teaching and Non teaching staff of the college. Every student must bring his/her identity Card to the College every day.